Watch How Easy it is To Use!

The AV-JACK solves several jacking issues. One is the fact that the angle of the gear will change as the gear goes up.  The AV-JACK rides on solid Aluminum wheels, which allow it to slide in and out, maintaining the angle with which the jack grabs the gear. That grab is positive, with no risk of the gear sliding off the jack.

The AV-JACK is extremely adjustable. After all, there are different styles of gear, different heights and different points to grab. That’s why the AV-JACK has lots of adjustment, so that you can easily and quickly adjust it for virtually any aircraft.

You’ll find that you’ll be spending less time installing jack points, noodling on how to jack up a plane and worrying about whether it’ll stay on the jack.

You know what that means… more time flying!

The Landing Gear Works is proud to be a distributor of this amazing little jack that has become an extremely useful and efficient tool for all our mechanics.  

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There are many ways to jack an airplane up in order to service a tire, wheel or ski.  Unfortunately, many of them are pretty precarious at best, but for years, folks who perform this service, from owners to their mechanics have used a variety of methods. Rarely do these methods do the job quickly or safely.

But now there’s a great way to hoist your airplane securely and safely.

The AV-JACK is a small, light hydraulic jack like nothing you’ve seen before. This little jack represents the absolute slickest method for safely and quickly jacking an airplane.