Main Gear

We became aware of the need for improvements to main landing gear in the mid 1990’s by paying attention to new trends in manufacturing, maintenance, airworthiness challenges and the feedback we received from our customers. Our focus was to find major solutions to the many aircraft that had been totaled or severely damaged by the failure of steel spring main landing gear.

Tom Anderson and his previous team formerly known as “XP Modifications” found a better material to be the answer. We have adopted and refined the engineering and manufacturing technique to provide you with a revolutionary Titanium Main Spring Landing Gear for the Skywagon 180 and 185 under our Parts Manufacturing Approval PQ5262NM. It’s LIGHTER, STRONGER, Corrosion Resistant, and SAFER. This is perhaps the greatest improvement since Cessna incorporated the Wittman spring leaf type alighting gear in the 1940’s.

We also provide the best aircraft quality STEEL Main Spring Landing Gear for the Skywagon 180 and 185 that is much safer than Cessna original equipment.