Decades of Experience

Our mission at The Landing Gear Works is to provide specialization in the manufacture, sales, and service of quality parts which enhance the safety and reliability of air vehicle performance.

Tom Anderson and 56 "Chuck"

Aviation is a big challenge. For over thirty five years, Tom Anderson, our engineer CEO, has challenged aviation. He has designed parachute equipment, converted airplane power plants, built better landing gear and has been awarded FAA approvals including the revolutionary new titanium spring landing gear. Tom grew up in a machinist family with his father, Will, and his supportive mother, Mavis, as his inspirations. Will told Tom early in his life “a good machinist can do anything.” That belief set the stage for an exciting aviation career. As a pilot, Tom spent several years flying the Alaska bush in many exciting aircraft including the DC-3, Beech 18, Beaver, Cessna 170, 180, 185, and Super Cub to name just a few. Tom has always looked for ways to make things better. He works hand and hand with customers to make new parts or improve our existing product line.

The Landing Gear Works is now in our 35th year! We began our business in 1976 from a small T hanger at Harvey Field, Snohomish WA building engine mounts for Cessna 170’s. From the outset it has been our goal to provide the finest precision aerospace products in the industry. We maintain this philosophy on a daily basis and the dedicated efforts of each of our employees allows us to provide you with the highest quality and the best service available. All of our products are produced to factory new fits and tolerances. Only genuine XP, TCM Continental, Cessna, Cleveland and Goodyear components are used to assure you the highest quality product. When it comes to the performance of our products, The Landing Gear Works is the leader in our field. Just ask our customers!