The Landing Gear Works is located in Renton Washington next to the home of the Boeing 737. From our founding 40 years ago, it has been the continuous mission of our dedicated team to provide the highest quality workmanship at affordable prices to the General Aviation community.

We have proudly set the standard of excellence for manufacturing and improvements of Main Landing Gear, Tailwheel Assemblies and Mounts along with many other add on parts and services. We are pleased to announce that we are the only FAA Parts Manufacturing Approval holder for Cessna 180 & 185 Titanium Main Landing Gear in the world.

We hold FAA PMA PQ5262NM for:

  • Titanium Main Landing Gear for Cessna 180 & 185
  • Steel Main Landing Gear for Cessna 180 & 185
  • Tailwheel Modification for Cessna Series 180/185/188
  • Power Plant Conversion 210 HP for Cessna 170 Series under our subsidiary Xtra Power Mods – NOW APPROVED!

The Landing Gear Works now holds EASA Supplemental Type Certificate 10064258 for intallation of Titanium Main Landing Gear for the Cessna 180/185!

We’re always looking for ways to improve our products and your aircraft! 
Please contact us and we’ll do our best to get back to you with timely and accurate information!